It’s incredibly heartwarming how industries have rallied together through these uncertain and unprecedented times to show unity, strength, sheer love and support. Most importantly we haven’t given up on our industries or others its effected. Instead we have stood strong to give back to help those most in need.

HOSPITALITY DELIVERS highlights in their article just how much the hospitality industry has come together and joined forces to do what ever we can to help no matter how big or small.

I am very grateful for them including ONLY A PAVEMENT AWAY who I have been working closely with to raise awareness and funds to support and help homeless people, ex-offenders and vulnerable veterans back into society and work within the hospitality. At the start of the COVID-19 crisis OAPA immediately set up a fund to help bridge the 20% furlough pay gap for any member requiring it as well as, offering to support any member facing financial hardship, to help pay rent and living expenses.  They are committed to continuing to provide this support until the re-opening of the hospitality industry sector.  However, after seeing a steep rise in enquiries asking the charity to help with providing meals to homeless people across London, and now a recent shocking report by The Guardian showing a surge in numbers of hospitality workers forced onto the streets due to job losses, myself and OAPA have set up the Hospitality Against Homeless Campaign to help bring together the hospitality industry in a focused effort and provide immediate support to those of our fellow hospitality industry colleagues in crisis with meals, kitchen facilities/equipment and accommodation.

The “TOM AIKENS CHARITY COOKERY CHALLENGE” invites participants to cook a meal in five minutes, donate £5 to the Hospitality Against Homelessness campaign and nominate five friends to pass on the challenge. All money raised will go towards supporting both members and non-members of Only A Pavement Away to help them out of destitution following the COVID-19 crisis, and get them back into roles within the hospitality industry.

What are you waiting for! Rise to the challenge and lets see your best 5 minute meal!



Tom x


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