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100g dried shitake mushrooms: soaked in water for 3 hrs, thinly sliced then roasted very well in oil.

100g of blanched spinach that’s dried well and chopped roughly then dried.

400g of dry crushed mash (whole baked potatoes in the oven that are baked until just cooked)

2g of dried thyme leaves

400g cooked drained chickpeas
8 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped

20g parsley, finely chopped
30g tahini

50ml soy sauce or tamari

Grated zest of 1 un waxed lemon

200g cooked and cooled brown rice (125g raw weight) Just simmered in seasoned water

50g gluten free oats lightly ground

50g chia seed

Cooked sweet potato

35g salt

4g finely crushed black pepper

4g Harissa  



4 whole sweet potato that are cut in half

4g of finely crushed black pepper

10g course sea salt

50ml Olive oil



100g fresh basil

5 finely chopped garlic cloves

50g pine nuts

100g grated Parmesan

2g finely crushed black pepper

10g sea salt

200ml olive oil



1 washed and dried green courgette

Grate the courgette on a medium size grater and then dry well with a jay cloth or kitchen paper.

40g of grated courgette

3 leaves of cut basil mixed into each 40g serving  

20g pesto

2g salt

6 turns of milled pepper



100g of good mayonnaise

1tsp  chopped coriander

30g of sundried tomatoes soaked in hot water for 5 mins, then dried & chopped

Mix the above together, adding the chopped coriander


Serves Four





Heat the oil in a flat large saute pan on a medium heat. When hot, add the shitake mushrooms, ½ the seasoning & thyme and fry until the mushrooms have dried out and are well roasted and then set aside.  

Pulse the chickpeas in a processor with the, garlic, parsley, tahini and soy sauce to a coarse mixture. Transfer to a bowl and mix in the rice, oats, zest, chia harissa, cooled mushrooms and chill for 4 hours to firm up.  Divide the mixture into 150g pieces and shape into patties. Place on a lined baking tray and chill for at least 3 hours.

Sear the burgers in a hot pan with a little olive oil cooking for a minute either side, place into the oven at 200C for 8 mins, until nicely brown.



Place all the above into a bowl and mix well together. Place into a gastro container so it’s all evenly spaced out and flat, then place into the oven at 180c and cook for 20-30 mins until cooked with a little bite. Leave it to cool a little, then scoop out the flesh and dry this out really well in a pan so that its dried out completely and reduced by half at least.



Place the blender into the friidge for 30 mins so it is cold along with the nuts, parmesan, olive oil. This is because the ingredients will warm up when they are being blended and the basil could discolour. Place all the ingredients into the blender and puree for 30 seconds. Alternatively use shop bought pesto.



Place the tapenade onto the bottom of the bun then the rocket leaf,  mayo and then the grated courgette. Grill very lightly and season with black pepper. Lay 4 basil leaves, then on top the grilled avocado place the baked red onion.

Spread on the top bun the tomato mayo and lay on the grilled piquillo pepper so they stick. Close the two together & secure with the two sticks.