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 5-6 medium sized peeled potatoes

400ml of sour cream

200ml of milk

80g parmesan

80g of cheddar

10g Maldon salt

3g crushed black pepper

A little fresh chopped rosemary





The great thing with a gratin is that you can add a multitude of tastes & flavours, different herbs infused into the cream, from bay, thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram and sage.

Change your cheese to something else that you may not have tried before, even a yummy strong blue cheese, Epoisse or mild cheese like a St Nectaire, the choice is endless.

Use sweet potato, celeriac, pumpkin, butternut squash, beetroot, courgette, it does not have to be just potato. You can even interlay it with other things like Parma ham, chorizo, smoked bacon, spinach ect…


Slice the potatoes to a 1-2mm thickness and mix all of ingredients in a bowl apart from the cheese. Layer this up in your dish, adding freshly grated truffle or truffle oil in between each layer and add the micro planed cheeses.

Layer this up to 4-6 layers, finishing with the cheese & truffle on top and bake at approx. 160c for approx. 45 mins until the potato is tender and you can put a knife through the potato easily. Make sure that its nice & caramelized however if it’s starting to colour too much, cover in a little tin foil.