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400g Day boat line caught cod fillet (can also use mackerel, salmon)
Zest of two lemons and juice of 1 lemon
80ml olive oil
Coarse sea salt
Fresh milled black pepper
2g picked lemon thyme leaves
Micro salad leaves
Salad burnet
Basil cress
Bulls blood
Sorrel leaf
Mixed fresh herbs (chervil, chives, dill, tarragon)


Serves Four

Marinated Cod

With Lemon And Thyme



Ensure that the fish used is extremely fresh and only a few days out of the sea. Using the freshest fish available is key to this dish.

Slice the fresh cod fillet very very thinly with a very sharp knife at an angle away from you and down the length of the filler. You can freeze this a little if that helps you to slice it even thinner. Alternatively, lightly salt the fish for 20 -30 mins by sprinkling the outside with coarse sea salt as this will firm the flesh up as well, then give it a light rinse before slicing.

Lay the cod onto the plates straight away and drizzle with a little olive oil and finely zested lemon.  Squeeze over a little lemon juice and season the cod with course maldon sea salt and pepper, sprinkle with the lemon thyme leaves and mini salad leaves and picked herbs, drizzle in a little more olive oil and course sea salt.