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560g flour

12g salt

70g caster sugar

165g warm water

4g yeast

80g warm Milk

6 egg yolks

60g butter soft



400gr sugar + 0.5 tsp salt

8gr cinnamon + 4gr ground ginger

2gr ground nutmeg + 1gr ground cloves


Doughnuts with Jam




Mix the yeast, milk, caster sugar and leave for ten minutes before adding the egg yolks.

Place the flour and salt into the machine bowl with a dough hook attachment, add the above and work the dough until it becomes loose from the sides. On a medium speed add the butter, let it come together and then turn it out onto the table and roll into a ball.

Set aside, cover with clingfilm and prove for 3 hours at room temperature. Knock back and scale at 50g and roll into balls. Place onto a greased parchment paper (leaving space between the doughnuts) and cover with a large “up turned” tray or in an open plastic sheet. Prove on top of the bench until they doubled in size. 

Fry in veg oil at 165°C until golden brown and cooked in the middle. Leave to cool at room temperature, then stuff with jam and roll in the spiced sugar.