Tom Aikens & David Linley Kitchen Accessories

David Linley, founder and chairman of British design company LINLEY and myself joined forces to create a unique collection of high-end kitchen accessories – the ultimate acquisition for true gastronomes and cooking enthusiasts. The collection celebrates fine craftsmanship in the respective disciplines of the two experts: cabinet-making and cooking. Bringing together the combined skills of David and Tom the pieces
are both beautifully made and eminently practical from an end user’s perspective. LINLEY has ensured that the quality and craftsmanship inherent in each piece is superlative, whilst Tom’s input means each piece fulfils the practical requirements of a true culinary expert.



Made from solid black walnut and stainless steel, the collection comprises the following, Reversible Bread Board / Chopping Board, Small Chopping Board, Reversible Chopping Board and Carving Board, Knife Block, Carving Knife Boxed Set in African blackwood and chrome, some truly lovely pieces that we made together and one that I truly enjoyed creatively as well.


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