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1 Guinea fowl
2 sprigs of rosemary
4 sprigs of vervaine
4 bay leaves
5 almost ripe peaches cut in half with stone removed
150ml white wine
50ml white wine vinegar
Salt to season the guinea fowl
50g butter
50ml vegetable oil
30g light brown sugar


Serves Four

Roast Guinea Fowl

With peaches and vervaine



Oven 160c

Season the guinea fowl all over, then heat up a heavy based pan with a lid, add the oil, once hot, add the guinea fowl and colour all over, this will take a few mins, once golden then remove the guinea fowl.

Add the sugar evenly over the bottom of the pan, add the peaches cut side down, then caramelize for 3-4 mins, add the herbs, then the butter, place  the guinea fowl into the pan upright in the pan.

Add the vinegar and then close the lid over the pan and place into the oven, cook this for 40-45 mins, then check the peaches after 20-25 mins, then remove if ready, carry on cooking till the guinea fowl is ready.

Let the bird rest, remove all the peaches from the pan, add the white wine to the dish to deglaze. This can then be reduced to a syrupy consistency at a slow simmer, then pass through a fine sieve. Cut the guinea fowl up, remove the breasts, slice each one at an angle into 5-6 pieces and then the legs through the joint, so you have the drumstick and thigh. Place this neatly onto a nice platter.