Kitchen 24

I was asked to be the presenter of a show on Fox television that was made in Turkey focused on all their national dishes, how they were made and the history that accompanies them. That is the real fun part of Istanbul and Turkey is that every dish has some historical value that goes back centuries. There was so much that I leant, from not only watching but of course tasting. I was amazed by the split lambs that were cooked in a fire pit in the ground, where they had removed the legs and shoulders and placed them in a pot that hung directly below the split animal carcass, they were then sealed in with clay and cooked for approx 8 hours. Then the magic happens, as the fat drips off the main body of the animal into the pot below, all the tougher parts of the animal get rendered down in the lamb fat. This is all then shredded down and then eaten in a fresh cooked pida, which is like a pitta bread. These were also cooked on the premises, all served with a very fresh salad. This was a typical regional dish, but there were many that I could tell you about, but then it would not be a surprise anymore.


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