From the day Tom Aikens burst on to the restaurant scene he has barely been out of the limelight. Awarded two Michelin stars by the age of 26, he has consistently been tipped as one of the hottest and most
talented chefs cooking today.


Tom Aikens is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most talented chefs. His first restaurant, Tom Aikens, has received huge critical acclaim and was awarded a Michelin star a year after opening, sealing Tom’s reputation as a
culinary leading light. 


We are constantly being told about the benefits of eating fish and seafood – high in protein, low in fat and rich in nutrients. Yet we also know that species like cod and tuna are in danger of extinction while unscrupulous trawlers are over-fishing waters around the world. 


Vertical Farming with MiniCrops

Vertical farming is transforming where and how we grow food, responding to a variety of challenges, including climate change, freshness, food mils and ethical procurement.

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Skills for Chefs 22nd Annual Conference in Sheffield

The Skills for Chefs Conference is designed for professionals in the culinary industry and is a fabulous event that has now been going for 22 years which for any event is an amazing achievement and to help, inspire & support the next generation of chefs is a very important part of being a chef. 

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Dukes London – The Norfolk Boys menu

Inspired by their joint Norfolk heritage and fond memories of summers spent on the north Norfolk coast, longstanding Executive Head Chef, Nigel Mendham will join forces with celebrity Michelin-star chef, Tom Aikens to create a one-off, six-course Norfolk Boys tasting menu.

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