Alain Ducasse 25 year celebration

This was a truly amazing weekend that I will always remember for the rest of my life and one where you have to pinch yourself to believe that its actually real. It was a very special date for Alain Ducasse in that he was celebrating 25 years of him being at the helm of the Louis XV restaurant in Monaco. Alain Ducasse invited chefs from all over the world and from the UK me, Claude Bosi, Marcus Waring, Clare Smyth and Brett Graham. The entire weekend was a gastronomic affair the whole weekend, you could not have dreamt this up, it was almost pinch your self moments. Meeting all the various chefs, the amazing food and being in Monaco as well was very special.



We had two full days including nights to enjoy all the festivities , the first night was a massive buffet welcoming us all, with all the chefs eyes out on stalks of pure disbelief at the level of generosity and Alain Ducasse welcoming all the guests into the dining room. As it was a who’s who of chefs, and pretty much any food that you would have wished to have eaten it was being made right in front of you, no other chef
could have pulled this off so well only Alain Ducasse. We had a gala dinner the following night with the most extraordinary meal that you could possibly imagine, plus having to cook for all those chefs, I mean serious pressure. All of the food was exquisite and all perfectly matched with the most generous, the menu was just simply breath taking in everyway, from the quality of the food to the creativity and generosity of white truffle and caviar being used.



Then on the Sunday morning there was a massive photo session of all the chefs that has been invited, which of course was a really fun thing to experience and be a part of. To finish it all of an amazing brunch with again more food than you could ever wish for. This weekend will always forever go down as the most amazing 48 hours in terms of food, wine , generosity, chefs and Alain Ducasse of course.


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