Pierre Koffman at Selfridges

In 2009 Pierre Koffmann did a pop up on the roof of Selfridges, creating a menu of his classic La Tante Claire dishes. Several of us chefs that had worked with him previously were also doing a stint in the kitchen with him. Alongside myself was Eric Chavot and Bruno Loubet, who then created our own menu to supplement Pierre Koffmanns dishes. Some of which were roast scallops with black ink sauce, garlic and red pepper cream, pan fried foie gras potato galette and sauterne, pressed leek and langoustine terrine with truffle vinaigrette. Of course, the boned and braised pig’s trotter with sweetbread and morel, Challons duck roasted with herbs and spices, Lievre Royal with red cabbage were just some the highlights. And his classic desserts of Pistachio soufflé and Gascon apple pie.



I then had my own dishes on the menu as well, as chef allowed us all to do our own small menu beside his. My menu was a little mix of Pierre and myself, first course was grilled scallops with black pudding and parsnips. Main course was a fillet of lamb with roast sweetbreads, sweet aubergine puree roast garlic with honey and sesame. Dessert was figs and plums poached in a spiced red wine, then a vanilla aspuma. It was lovely to work with Pierre again and definitely took me back to the days of La Tante Claire on Royal Hospital Road.


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