Tom’s Place – Britain’s first ethical fish & chip shop

11 Feb 2008


After the successful opening of Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea in 2006, I decided to open Tom’s Place as a more modern approach to the typical Fish and Chip shop.

To develop the concept, I researched and studied sustainable fishing. The menu consisted of five deep fried fish of the more sustainable variety, for example pollock, red and grey gurnard, ray and megrim sole. We then would have used other specialist fish when it was in season. Other dishes included sardines on toast with shallot chutney, mackerel with potato salad and pickled beetroot, moules mariniere, grilled sea bass with tomato, shallot basil sauce with balsamic glazed red onions.
Tom’s Place closed a year after opening, due to planning issues with the local council, but the idea is to bring it back in the not so near future.